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Energy Services

Using Data + Insights to Optimize Your Energy

Manage resources, eliminate inefficiency and spend responsibly

Selecting the best energy solution supplier price and contract is a complex process. We will work tirelessly to develop solutions that align with your vision and save you time and money with innovative and personalized solutions. Even when we’re putting out the fires of today, we’ll keep one eye on where you want to be tomorrow. 

For many of our clients, doing the research and haggling with suppliers is time consuming. It’s our pleasure to help you save time and money with best-in-breed suppliers and innovative solutions.

From energy audits and procurement to the latest in real-time demand response and pipeline development, working with TogetherSolve is like having your very own proactive spend management specialist who takes care of the details for you.

Energy Procurement 

Using data to optimize your energy rates through our personalized three-step process

Demand Response + Synchronized Reserves

Earn cash by adjusting power use when the grid needs it and when it works for you

Green Energy Sourcing

Diversify your energy sources, increase sustainability

EV Charging 

Turn-key EV charging at commercial property


Reduce capital expenditures with solar incentives, including full roof replacements

Energy Audit

Comprehensive physical audits of your facilities by experts to identify and recommend energy saving solutions

Prop Tech Solutions

Identify efficiencies faster with real-time energy performance data — including carbon reporting — leveraging cutting edge property technology controls without the capital costs

Gas Pipeline Development

Create leverage with utilities and save on development costs using alternative competitive infrastructure options to aid in negotiations

Capital Improvement Financing 

Finance your energy-related improvements off your balance sheet through your utility bill

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Save Your Energy, Work with TogetherSolve

Send us your most recent energy bill and receive a free savings analysis.

Our Energy Procurement Approach

We’re equipped with decades of expertise to ensure you get the best rate possible and that each supplier’s quote includes the same price components and contract language to benefit you. Decisions about procurement method, when to buy and contract length are based on data, analytics, market expertise and are tailored to your needs.

Employ Data-Driven Procurement

We identify energy sourcing options based on market price fundamentals, trends and historical analysis, current supplier dynamics, contract expiration and regulatory environment.

By reviewing energy invoices and supplier agreements, we look for opportunities to save
on energy consumption.

Our e-procurement platforms simplify the supplier bidding process and increase competition.

We carefully review all offers, sharing new information with you every step of the way before we select the best option for your business and finalize contract terms in a seamless transition.

Reduce Demand & Usage

We don’t just optimize rates, we help you manage use to reduce total costs.

Our experts provide financing options for solutions like clean energy, lighting retrofits, demand/response programs and more to help you lower usage.

Capture Efficiencies

We offer reviews of utility and supplier bills to capture discrepancies and errors, actively identifying and capturing utility rebates where available.

Our team conducts physical audits, identifying potentially overlooked utility rebates, upgrades and retrofit opportunities for equipment and facilities.

"At first, I was a bit skeptical of TogetherSolve's claim to be able to save our facilities so much money on our electric bills. That was before they saved us $66,000 over two and a half years; a 38% reduction in our electric rates! It's safe to say that TogetherSolve has earned a good reputation around our company."

David G.

Facilities Manager in the Manufacturing Industry

“As best practice as a property manager, I work with TogetherSolve to win new clients and reduce my current client’s energy bills. Most recently we were able to save a medical office portfolio 53% annually, equating to more than $34K.”

Dave W.

Vice President for a National Commercial Real Estate & Property
Management Firm

"I am impressed with how simple it has been to work with TogetherSolve. I gave them copies of our electric bills for our numerous properties and great pricing quickly followed. Going with TogetherSolve is a straightforward process and a great way to lower electric spend, as proven by our 25% reduction in electric rates."

Steve S.

National Commercial Real Estate Owner/Operator 

Lisa B.

"I’m glad I decided to use TogetherSolve to save money on our out-of-control electric bills. I have definitely seen a significant savings in my bills since the service started. In this day and age every little bit helps — and the savings go straight to the bottom line since there is no cost involved. It couldn’t be simpler, thanks to the TogetherSolve team!"

National Commercial Real Estate Owner/Operator 

Graphic Communications Company Business Owner

Bob C.

"It seemed like our electricity bill was always out of control and the rates were always being adjusted. Using TogetherSolve's services has been our solution to managing our energy bill. They were able to save us money and freeze our rates for three years. We definitely would recommend their services for any small business!"

What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • Your company will receive one bill from the Utility just as before. The bill will look the same except there will be a tag line stating that your actual electricity or natural gas (via Generation) is being provided by another supplier.

  • No. Our contracts offer a fixed price for the duration of the term of the contract.

  • You save money on the commodity itself, which is reflected in the Generation portion of your bill (this is the deregulated portion of the bill). The Utility is responsible for the Distribution, Transmission and Customer Charge portion of your bill (these charges are regulated and are the same for all customers, dependent on size, regardless of whether a customer is purchasing from another supplier or not).

  • Typical contracts last 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. The duration of the contract is your choice. We are here to help guide you on the best choice relevant to your usage, your company’s strategy and risk tolerance.

  • No. Our contracts can save money for businesses of any size. There are no bandwidth requirements so you can use as much or as little as you want during the term of your contract.

  • Cancellation policies differ amongst supply contracts. We are here to help guide you on the best choice based on your company’s strategy and risk tolerance. There are also options to extend your contract in exchange for rate relief.

  • No. There are no extra fees to sign up or transfer to a supplier and there are no hidden monthly fees.

FAQs About Energy Procurement

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