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Our Results

What solutions do we deliver? See how we are saving businesses valuable resources and review case studies from our happy clients in all three of our areas of expertise.

Large Manufacturing Plant

The Challenge: When a larger manufacturing plant approached us about the $900,000 they were spending on utility bills annually, we knew we could help them cut costs and focus their time and energy elsewhere.

Our Solution: We took a close look at their previous utility bills and conducted a facility audit, capitalizing on opportunities to save.

Their Results: In the following two years, we helped the plant save almost 20%, putting a total of $523,715 back in their pocket.

Retail Establishment

The Challenge: A retail proprietor had multiple properties spread across four different locations, at which they were spending an average of $22,600 every year.

Our Solution: We analyzed each property individually before making recommendations on suppliers, creating a custom-tailored solution for our client.

Their Results: Our client saved 42% over the span of 24 months, to the tune of $28,898.

Warehouse Distribution Facility

The Challenge: A warehouse distribution facility was spending an average of $37,000 on utility costs, which were eating into their budget.

Our Solution: We connected with various suppliers, collecting quotes through our e-procurement platforms, and increasing the level of competition as each supplier worked to offer a more competitive rate. 

Their Results: Over a 12-month period, our client saved 37% or $13,670.

National Commercial Real Estate & Property Management Firm

The Challenge: A Senior Property Manager had a new medical office portfolio client with rising utility costs due to a variety of external economic factors. As the budget season approached, we collaborated with his team to take proactive measures in preparation for the budgeting process by reviewing the organization’s utility billing statements to look for opportunities to realize savings.

Our Solution: We went into the market, soliciting bids from our best-in-breed energy suppliers and were able to significantly lower the per kWh rate being offered while achieving favorable contract terms that aligned with the client’s strategy.

Their Results: Produced a savings of 53%, equating to more than $34,000 annually.

The Challenge: When a firm asked us if we could do anything to reduce their real estate portfolio’s annual operating expenses of $785,000, we got to work securing them the best rates possible.

Our Solution: After carefully analyzing their sourcing options taking into account market price fundamentals and current supplier dynamics, we secured the firm a new contract that worked better for them.

Their Results: Over the course of 18 months, they saved an average of 25%. Ultimately, the firm saved $305,688.

Large Property Management and Development Firm

Educational Institution

The Challenge: An educational institution was on a mission to optimize its communication and internet expenses, particularly concerning its call center services, as budgets tightened and costs expanded.

Our Solution: We analyzed the current data set and worked to understand the unique demands of the institution and find opportunities for efficiencies, providing an integrated program that eliminated duplicate charges and improved functionality.

Their Results: Our client saved 32% over the span of 24 months.

Light Manufacturing Facility

The Challenge: A natural supplement manufacturer needed to expand within their current multi-tenant warehouse facility because they were running out of space allotted to them under their current lease.

Our Solution: We analyzed the local market to customize a leveraged lease renewal proposal before negotiating with the landlord.

Their Results: Our client kept their lease rate flat while adding additional space despite an upward trending market.

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