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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has more than 50 years of combined expertise saving clients time, energy and money. TogetherSolve started as a family-run business, and today we continue to pride ourselves on a cooperative approach. Unlike most of our competitors – who prioritize maximizing profit from each customer and transaction – we are guided by our ethics and commitment to building long-term relationships based on trust.

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At TogetherSolve, we provide consistent and reliable communication to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed and wise decisions about your biggest business expenses.

As the Managing Partner of TogetherSolve, Rob uses his 20+ years of experience to help his clients develop a proactive spend management approach that makes the complex simple and secures the best outcomes.

Rob hates to see people taken advantage of. From his early experience at a “dot com” flameout, Rob witnessed firsthand the negative impact of corporate bureaucracy, excess and waste on people’s lives. This early career experience inspired TogetherSolve’s business model and Rob’s authentic and personal approach. 

From reducing costs on electricity and natural gas with TogetherSolve’s energy services to consulting on operations, supply chain, ecommerce and site selection through real estate services, Rob works hand in hand with TogetherSolve clients, empowering them with data-driven insights, connections and expertise, to save their businesses time, effort and expense. 

The cornerstone of Rob’s business philosophy is this: by empowering businesses to better manage their resources and eliminate inefficiencies, people will spend more responsibly, realize their potential and do more good.

Rob Myers

Founder & Managing Partner

As a self-professed “numbers nerd” who hates waste and loves people, Bethany has been a key architect of TogetherSolve’s success in her role as VP of Business Development. 

Bethany places a high value on building long-term relationships based on trust and honesty. She loves solving problems for her clients because she’s been in their shoes: as a commercial real estate portfolio manager, property manager and sales director in the energy sector. Bethany knows when she helps her clients save time, money and energy, that those savings translate directly to their bottom line and facilitate investment in people and sustainability. 

Bethany and her family walk the talk when it comes to reducing waste. With solar panels on their house, weekly composting and their electric car, the family’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint means they too get to realize the savings that result.

Bethany Singley

VP Business Development, Partner

TogetherSolve evolved from Ohio Industrial Companies, founded in 1979 by John Myers. His son Rob Myers joined the family business in 2002. Rob honors his father's memory by living the values his father instilled early on: honesty, integrity and loyalty.

John Myers

In memoriam

Affiliations + Certifications 

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